CRUX Thermals thermal processing equipment is manufactured by our distinguished global partners

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WS Industrial Burners for heat treatment furnaces are the most efficient and innovative gas fired burner systems available. Many of the game-changing innovations in burner design, including the patented flameless oxidation method FLOX® were invented by WS. The REKUMAT®, REGEMAT®, and LUVOMAT® series burners are available in a variety of sizes and specifications for multiple applications. CRUX Thermal is the official UK and Ireland Partner of WS and has expertise in specifying, installing, and servicing the full range of WS products.

We provide two types of cooler. End-O-Therm – a waterless atmosphere generator cooler, and quench air coolers. See how the technology could benefit you.

Our filter systems include the Smart Filter and Sludgebuster. Both are designed specifically for the rigorous requirements of the heat treatment industry.